Hurry Up and Wait

We realized recently that we have reached our 6 month camperversary! Closing day on our house was December 18, 2017. I can’t believe how time flies! A lot of people thought we’d be going crazy by now, but it’s actually the opposite. I especially love seeing the changes in our kids. I remember back when we were living in the house I used to think “Man, I wish these kids would learn to play together!” Now it’s like they don’t know how to, or even enjoy, playing alone. I do realize both are valuable skills, but I do love the camaraderie that living in such close quarters has built in them.
This month we have also been quickly approaching the end of our first travel contract. We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring this part of Wyoming and even South Dakota, but we are all getting the itch for a change. As we began the search for a new contract, it became clear that the title of Erich’s last position was going to be an issue. He worked in an LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) unit, which is basically a step down from ICU. He has his BLS and ACLS certifications, wound care training and is used to patients with multiple organ failure, patients coding and patients on vents. Unfortunately, not all hospitals or doctors have heard of LTAC units, or they don’t realize it’s the same thing as the more commonly labeled Stepdown units. So every time Erich applies for a medsurg contract, they see the LT and the C and think Long Term Care (nursing home). As the weeks have gone by without any offers for a new contract, it has been hard not to get discouraged. One day in particular we were getting a lot of offers in small towns in places I didn’t want to go, like Iowa or North Dakota, and I was feeling pretty bummed because I had these high hopes of being somewhere exciting, and preferable west, for the summer. I was reminded of a playful message Father gave me a couple years ago. Erich had been at work full-time and in school full-time for years. I was growing weary and tired and wondering if adventure would ever be in the picture again. Having been active in missions from the time I was sixteen up until he started nursing school, living the American dream was not my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond thankful for the beautiful house Father gave us and I love being a mom more than anything, but I was craving adventure. I was feeling really blue one day and talking to God about it and heard Him very clearly, in a somewhat Suess-ical voice, say “Oh, the places you’ll go!” and my heart knew in an instant that He still saw me, and my dreams, and that they mattered to Him. I knew the adventure wasn’t over and a year and a half later, here we are! I never would have dreamed of such a life! So, as I was feeling discouraged this last month, I remembered that message and was encouraged once again. I even bought the book and I highly recommend it. =)
We ended up taking a two week extension on our contract here in Gillette in order to give ourselves more time to be picky about our next location. Erich signed on with a new recruiter who almost instantly was able to find us four decent options. Our goal right now is to add value to his resume, so we are taking a contract in small town not too far from here where he will be able to float between the medsurg and ER units. He is very excited about the new experience and we are happy to be close enough to the Tetons, Yellowstone, and Jackson Hole to do some more exploring. Looks like Wyoming isn’t done with us yet!

Black Hills - faves-3
Camping with new friends in the Black Hills.

Black Hills - faves-7

Black Hills - faves-10
Some more s’mores.

Black Hills - faves-11

Black Hills - faves-15
View of Cathedral Spires from hike to Little Devil’s Tower.
Black Hills - faves-19
Hike to Cathedral Spires.

Black Hills - faves-20

Black Hills - faves-24
“End of Trail” seems fitting… on to new places!


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