The Waiting Game.

For those of you who have been following the situation with our fifth-wheeler, I wanted to give you a short update. Well, actually, in short, there is no update. The trailer manufacturer (Forest River) is waiting on the axle maker (Lippert) to send a tech out to verify that the damage is as extensive as the alignment shop is claiming. Forest River is blaming Lippert and hoping they can be held responsible. Lippert is saying it will be another two weeks before they can send a tech out and claiming Forest River is at fault.  Erich spoke with Forest River and raised the question of why we are the ones working with the axle maker when our warranty is through the trailer manufacturer. He also asked why they can’t have the licensed alignment shop verify the diagnosis for them since they don’t have their own techs to do it. He made them aware of the fact that he is beginning his contract in Wyoming, all our belongings are in Montana in the trailer (which is our home for the summer), and me and the kids are staying with family in Washington until a rental house becomes available in Wyoming. Since that phone call there has still been no movement. We did speak with an attorney and have settled in to the fact that this is probably going to be a long process. We found a rental in Thermopolis that should be ready to move in to by the fifteenth. The kids are doing all right. They are enjoying time spent with their Nana and Papa and their cousins. I think though that they are each processing the loss of their home on wheels a little differently. Asia doesn’t want to talk about it, or hear about it, or think about it. She is my most sentimental and has expressed several times that it was her favorite of all the homes we’ve had. Jake has been struggling with frustration on the inside that he can’t explain, but that has lately been making it’s way out. River cried and cried at the news of the trailer being totaled, but has since been lost in her own little world of make believe with her cousin Avie, and seems to be doing fine. Micah has had some fear issues in my parents big house and did not like sleeping in the small room connected to mine. He felt alone I think and freaks out a little if he is the only person in any room, even if we are right around the corner. As soon as I moved his bed to the room with the other three kids, who insist on bunking together, he has been much happier. I we are all missing our little home and still feeling a bit displaced. The biggest dilemma is how to go about exploring during this current contract, without our fifth-wheeler. We had high hopes of exploring Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and Jackson Hole. With summer ending and night time temperatures dropping, tenting at 9,000 feet with a two year old who won’t stay in a sleeping bag is tricky. We are currently focusing on navigating this problem since we only have a month and a half until some of these parks start closing roads for the winter. We appreciate all of the support and encouragement you guys have offered and will continue to keep you posted. Thanks for following our story!

River and her friend the crab.
Always time for yoga.
Hunting for sea life.


Finding a fort isn’t quite as much fun as building one, but it’s still pretty cool.


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