Update on the Fifth Wheeler

I wanted to give you all an update on our living situation, but my last blog was so long, I didn’t want to add to it. So, here is a quick update… When I purchased our little camping trailer in Washington last month, the salesman told me that Forest River has a bad habit of slapping little axles on big rigs. He encouraged me to look for forums about it. After a rather frustrating call to Forest River, I did just that. There are a lot of people out there with balding tires and bending axles after just one trip in their Forest River trailers. They all say the same thing, their axles are barely rated to carry the weight of their rig, let alone any water tanks, luggage, or cargo. Forest River has placed blame on Lippert (the axle maker), who has agreed to send a team to the alignment shop where our trailer has been parked for the last 6 weeks. The alignment shop has already replaced the leaf springs and Lippert will be repairing the broken support member, and hopefully upgrading our axles and tires. If they do, the tech at the alignment shop assures us that our rig will be “amazing to drive down the road.” This tech has nothing to gain, but continues to look out for us and wants us to leave the rig on their lot so he can verify the work that Lippert does and even test drive it for us. He has been an amazing advocate for us. The team from Lippert is scheduled to come out September 14th. As much as I would love to hold Forest River responsible for cutting corners and putting Erich and my kids at risk, we have decided to accept the upgrades and be grateful for a super beefy rig, which should be beyond capable of carrying us and our lives down the road. We toyed with the idea of holding them responsible for the danger, the inconvenience, and the rental house expenses, but honestly, I don’t want to let give them any more of our time. We love what we are doing and do not want to waste the next year fighting a battle. We will take the hit, gladly take our old rig back (if it’s repaired right), and keep our joy, thank you very much. Thanks to all who have been supporting and encouraging us along the way. You will definitely hear from us if we do indeed get to move back in to our home on wheels!

camp life-25camp life-6

camp life-14

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