Camping in December

In early December we decided to hook up our little camping trailer and go explore the Olympic Peninsula a little bit. It was cold, but beautiful. We started out doing a small hike in the Olympic Rainforest, near Lake Quinalt. The trail wound through the old growth trees covered in moss, frosty ferns, and beams of sunlight breaking through the clouds. It was too cold to stop moving, so we didn’t stick around to enjoy the lake for long. After that we headed up to a campground near Rialto Beach where we took shelter from the cold, snuggled up and watched the first movie in the Narnia trilogy. In the middle of the night, we ran out of propane and the temperature dropped way too fast for my liking. Apparently the tank wasn’t as full as the person in charge of the propane thought it was, we won’t name names. When it got too cold to handle we bundled up and headed to town where we filled the tank, grabbed some hot coffee, and headed to Cape Flattery, located at the very northwest tip of Washington. There was a super fun hike through huge trees, across uneven boardwalks and paths made of stump tops, and down to several viewing decks. From there, you could see a lighthouse out on an island, waves crashing into caves along the jagged shoreline, and on a clear day you can even see Canada across the water. We were blessed with a clear, beautiful day so we enjoyed every bit of it. We headed back to our campground at Rialto, and were thrilled to get there just in time for sunset. The boulders on the beach were brushed smooth from the crashing waves and the sunset was breathtaking. As soon as the sun disappeared from sight, along with any heat it was offering, we hunkered down in our trailer again and watched the second Narnia movie. In the morning, we enjoyed an exciting walk down the beach, watching the waves breaking and crashing into shore, throwing around the ginormous driftwood logs. I grew up in Washington, but have never ever seen waves so huge. They were mesmerizing. And a little scary. There was a photographer there who almost got wiped out by a rogue wave. He was dripping wet from his waist down and a little shook up. We kept our distance from the waves and hung out for a bit longer, letting the kids built their traditional driftwood fort. After a quick lunch, we headed south to an old favorite of ours, Ruby Beach. The breakers weren’t as big, but it was just as cold and just as beautiful. We explored a bit and then headed home. For a last minute camping trip in the cold weather of December, I think it turned out pretty good. Life lessons from this trip: camping in December is just as cold as you think it is, don’t underestimate the power of a sneaky wave, and always check your propane! Thanks for following!

Cape Flattery


Rialto Beach
Rialto at sunset


Crazy huge breakers
Driftwood forts


Ruby Beach


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