Just Short of the Promised Land

Last month we met a neat couple who were stopped here in Tuba City repairing some issues with their motorhome. Joe and Gay were so sweet and our family seemed to click with them instantly. They were on their way to Moab and invited us up for some off-roading and hiking. The Arches National Park was definitely on our list of must sees and the only thing better than adventuring, is adventuring with friends, so we were excited when the timing of our trip worked out to meet up with them. They spend at least half their year in Moab, so they are familiar with all the trails and sights. On Friday morning we met up and they took us off-roading to Dellenbaugh Tunnel and Secret Spire. We also saw some cool petroglyphs and pictographs. Our big old Ford handled the roads and rock climbing pretty good, although we held our breath on more than one occasion. After our off-roading fun, we took a little break and then met back up and enjoyed a meal together. I had to chuckle when River pointed out how “super kid friendly” they were. The next day they had plans, so we went and explored the Arches National Park. It was ah-mazing. So many arches and windows and rock fins! The kids got their Junior Ranger badge and we headed back to our BLM campsite to cool off. The next morning we met Joe and Gay first thing in the morning and hiked to Corona Arch. It is not in the National Park, but it IS spectacular. Micah hiked almost the whole way there and back, three miles roundtrip! There were some spots on slickrock where Erich carried him for safety reasons, but other than that, when offered help, we are always met with a resounding “Micah do it!” While we were enjoying the views at the Arch, Micah suddenly took off, screaming and running, frantically in my direction. Jake had pointed to the rock wall and told him it was a monster. Looking at the wall, I could see why Micah believed him. It took some convincing, but he finally accepted it was just a rock wall. We all had a good laugh. The hike was beautiful and even the kids enjoyed our time spent with Joe and Gay. We were all sad when we had to say goodbye, but extremely thankful that God brought them into our lives. Later that evening, when the heat of the day was cooling off, we headed back to the Arches NP and hiked another 3 miles to Delicate Arch and back. These kids are getting to be professional hikers. I admit, I was dragging a little and my hips were killing me, but man was I glad we did this hike. Delicate Arch was anything but Delicate. It was massive and breath-taking, with an incredible view of the snow capped La Sal Mountains behind it. Even the trail to the Arch was unique and beautiful. It was the perfect ending to the perfect weekend. If you ever get the opportunity to explore Moab, do it! It truly is a land, “Just short of the promised land.”

Secret Spire


The kids exchanging stories with Joe and Gay.
Dellenbaugh Tunnel


We call this one a Minecraft sheep.
This one is known as alien man, but we think it might have something to do with the Navajo tribe’s origin story, which is super intriguing.
Double Arch
Turret Arch
South Window Arch
Devil’s Garden

Landscape Arch

Moab faves-9
Hiking to Corona Arch with Joe and Gay.
Moab faves-10
Corona Arch
Moab faves-11
Shadow hunters.
Moab faves-15
Bow Tie Arch
Moab faves-16
Jake under Corona Arch
Monster Rock, according to my kids.

Moab faves-18

Delicate Arch


The hike to Delicate Arch




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