Prophylactic Fiction

If you are like me when it comes to acquiring information, you prefer an article as opposed to a video. I am a fast reader and can skip through the unimportant, or uninteresting, and move on to the meat of the issue, whereas in a video I am forced to listen to all of the fluff (intro, repetition, conclusion, etc). So, I am going to summarize my understanding of the Covid19 vaccines in a simple, easy to read, easy to understand post. I know this is a controversial topic, but it is important to me simply because it puts people I love and care about at risk. I care enough about my friends and family to share this information even though it may not be well received. Whether you are hoping for or trying to avoid conspiracy theories, you won’t be finding them here. I have my own unverified concerns about the vaccine, but today will only be addressing the scientific functions of a prophylactic vaccine. Most of the information below is from Geert Vanden Bossche, one of the world’s leading vaccine developers, heavily involved in the research and design of prophylactic vaccines. He is extremely pro-vaccine, has worked on the Ebola vaccine, and been involved in many global vaccination programs. He is not an anti-vaxer. You are obviously welcome to, and even encouraged, to do your own research. However, if you do not have the time, energy, or interest to do so, this is what I have learned in, short format.

The Covid19 vaccine is considered a prophylactic vaccine which means it’s purpose is to defend against or prevent a virus or disease. These types of vaccines are not intended or designed to be used in the middle of an ongoing pandemic. From what I understand, your immune system has natural non-specific broad-spectrum antibodies, meaning they can, and will, attack any virus or illness that your system may be confronted with. A prophylactic vaccine creates specific antibodies, designed to search out and attack specific cells, in this case, the spike protein of the original Covid19 virus. We are being told that this new vaccine triggers the production of even more antibodies than your body naturally does. These high specificity antibodies are more robust and will outcompete your natural non-specific ones, even after the virus has mutated and they are no longer helpful. These “new and improved” antibodies are long-lived (they are not going anywhere), so, you are stuck with them, and they are, and will continue to, outnumber, outcompete and overpower your natural antibodies.

When an individual receives any vaccine, their body begins mounting an immune response and producing antibodies. However, during this initial process, your immune system is operating at suboptimal levels. This wouldn’t be an issue under normal circumstances, it is how prophylactic methods work. However, we are past trying to prevent something, we are already under attack from it. So, let’s say you get your first dose of the Covid19 vaccine, your body is busy mounting up it’s defense, so it is compromised and then you are exposed to the virus. Your natural antibodies have been overpowered by the vaccine induced ones, which aren’t quite up to par yet. The virus mutates in order to outmaneuver your compromised immune system, you are unable to eliminate it, and it escapes your immune system. Not only are you then at risk of passing it on to the next unsuspecting person, but you are passing on a stronger version of it.

This gets more and more complicated. Not only do we now have millions of people with suboptimal immune systems, passing on stronger versions of the virus to other people, but the people who have been vaccinated are now NOT vaccinated for the new stronger mutated strain AND they no longer have their non-specific antibodies working for them to combat the next strain. I want to add like ten exclamation points here. Is this making sense to anyone?! This is not good, and it not only affects the vaccinated but the unvaccinated as well. We are helping the virus gain function! Normally a virus makes it’s rounds, gets eliminated by the healthy immune systems and eventually peters out. If we continue on this path of mass vaccination, this virus will never be eliminated, it will only continue to get stronger. We must allow our God given, natural, non-specific, broad spectrum, antibodies to do their job. I understand that for people who are already immune compromised this is a disconcerting situation, however, one of the leading vaccine developer/designers in the world is telling us this is not the answer. It is another case of the cure being worse than the disease.

I’m a visual learner, so below I have tried to duplicate the white board presentation I watched about the specific antibodies versus the non-specific ones. I will do my best to explain below each picture. I will also include the address to the full video interview of Geert Vanden Bossche explaining it all in full. I have read and listened to so many doctors explaining all the risks of the vaccines. I have seen the VAERS list of deaths and adverse events related to the vaccine. I have my own concerns regarding who is behind the push for vaccines. I know that people are weary of everything related to politics, lockdown, Covid19, or vaccine. But, in my gut, I feel I cannot keep this information to myself for fear of offending, irritating, or scaring people. I fear if this data is correct, anyone who gets vaccinated may be able to ward off the original virus, but may inadvertently assist in the mutation of the virus, leaving both vaccinated and unvaccinated less capable of fighting off the resulting stronger, more infectious virus. I love you all and hope you know that I am simply passing this information on with no expectations. You may discard it, disagree with it, ignore it, or pass it on again. My only hope is that you will at least consider the ramifications before receiving this vaccine.

The O’s represent our non-specific broad spectrum antibodies, ready to defend against and block any virus.
The X’s represent the vaccine induced specific antibodies, looking only for the X virus cells (in this case, the original Covid19). The x antibodies do their job and block the x cells. However, when Covid mutates and becomes A F T R L or Y, the virus slips right past the x specific antibodies and escapes our immune system.
This picture just kind of shows how when a new strain tries to get through, your non-specfic antibodies might move towards stopping it, but get overpowered by the more robust highly specific antibodies. These antibodies ending up acting as blockers, allowing the new mutated strain to slip through and escape the immune system altogether.

This is a full length interview with Geert Vanden Bossche that is very informative:

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