Our House on Wheels


As the crazy idea evolved, we began our research. RV shopping became a bit of a pastime for us and the kids. We all enjoyed imagining our crazy new life in each camper we considered. We went back and forth for so long, I think the kids were more relieved than we were when we finally settled on the Arctic Wolf 315 bunkhouse. It needed a few adjustments in order to accommodate our family, but style wise it felt like home and it met the “under 35 foot” requirements we have read are common at state and national parks. The bunkroom had two top bunks, which Asia and Jake quickly claimed, as well as a futon type sofa with three drawers built underneath. We pulled out the sofa and the drawer unit, reassembled two of the drawers, one on top of the other, and built a middle bunk for River leaving just enough room for a baby bunk for Micah. In the main living area, we pulled out the four person dinette and the sofa bed, which only offered seating for two. We found an awesome fold-away table at IKEA and a twin size day bed sporting a second twin roll-out as well as three huge storage drawers. We added a rolling island to the kitchen and as much storage solutions as possible to the second bathroom turned laundry room. We built shelves and added bins to every possible spot you can imagine. We were ready to move in! Or so we thought. 😉


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