Making the Most out of a Small Space

Here are some more before and after pics of the modifications we’ve done on our camper. If you have any questions about specific spaces feel free to ask!

Lower right is the original dinnette. Erich built the black table with a leaf that extends to seat the whole family.
We replaced the original sofa bed with a day bed that has storage as well as a second twin that rolls out from under.
Added extra shelving to the entry.
Added extra shelving above the bunk room door.
In the bunk room we pulled out the sofa bed and three drawers. We stacked two of the drawers to the side and built River a bunk under Jakes, leaving enough space underneath to add a toddler rail to Micah’s crib size bunk.


In the second bathroom, we had the sink removed and a washer/dryer installed. Erich also added as many shelves as possible and a dowel for extra jackets/clothes.
Added some extra storage in the bathroom.
Added bins on top of cabinets for extra storage and these handy little shelves for drying my goat milk soaps and this cute red rolling island for extra counter space.
Before and after.
Extra storage above the insdie of the bunk room door.
These are the handy little “hollow wall anchors”  that made it all possible.

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