For those of you who haven’t heard yet, we are finally getting ready to head off on our first leg of this adventure! Most of you know we were really hoping to grab a contract in Florida or Washington, but that proved harder than we expected. Actually, getting a contract with a travel nursing agency proved harder than expected. The details are unnecessary, so I won’t bore you, but we ended up accepting our first contract last week! After waiting so long for an offer, I remember when they called and offered us a contract in Wyoming, we both chuckled. It wasn’t what we expected. But, I also remember my heart leaping a little. I really loved the idea of wide open spaces. And just imagine the adventure waiting in that part of the country, what with Yellowstone, the Tetons, The Badlands and the Black Hills. So much to explore! We slept on it and accepted the offer the next day. The last week has been a whirlwind for Erich, with applications to fill out, tests to take, loose ends to tie up at work. He also wanted to drive our storage trailer and extra car up to Wyoming ahead of time so that we could tackle the road trip together in one car. He and his mom did that road trip together. There was a foot of snow in Gillette, so they ended up parking the trailer in a storage lot in Rapid City until we get there next week. But they were able to spend a day in Gillette exploring and are returning home tonight. The kids and I have been enjoying Table Rock State Park in the meantime, and have even worked on building a new shoe rack as a surprise for Erich (pics below). We have had to say some goodbyes this week, which is never easy. We have spent nine years in South Carolina and have made some really great friends. The hardest part of starting new adventures, is saying goodbye to the important people in our lives, even if just for awhile. I hope our friends and family here in South Carolina don’t equate our excitement about going for nonchalance about leaving. We love and value your friendships and will miss you a ton. We hope to take a contract here in Greenville eventually and will look forward to reconnecting with all of you again soon! In the meantime, please stay in touch and keep following our crazy adventure here on our wander-more blog.

Here are some pics of our last couple weeks here with family….





  1. Let the adventures begin! What is a “contract with a travel nursing agency”? I don’t think I have read about that yet…probably missed a post somewhere… Old people problems! haha!

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    1. We work thru an agency who provides “traveling” nurses to hospitals when they have a high census or on a hiring freeze. The contracts are 13 weeks long and they offer a per Diem to cover travel expenses. 😊


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