Fun in Snowhomish

During our last two weeks in Washington, they were calling for a major snow storm. Erich selflessly agreed to let me and the kids head up to my parent’s house in Snohomish to get snowed in where we could sled, play with cousins and enjoy my family. He stayed back in Montesano to finish his next three shifts. We arrived at my parents house just as the first snowflakes fell. Over the next couple of days we got over 20 inches of snow! The kids were in heaven. The first day, the kids spent sledding down my parent’s big hill. Even Cooper got in on the fun, as you can see in the pictures below. I don’t remember exactly, but somewhere along the way, I lost my voice. The cold air made it worse and triggered my cough, but who could resist so much snow! We got so much that kids even started building an igloo. They got halfway done before nightfall. The next day their cousins came to help. I silently helped as much as I could, but they did most all of it on their own! I helped top it off since they built it so big they couldn’t reach the top. What can I say, they are overachievers. They even started a second tunnel leading to another room. I’m guessing it was the only two bedroom igloo in town. I also got to use my dad’s workshop to make a hanging succulent shelf for the window in the camper. He had all the right tools and it was so much fun! It was our last visit with my side of the family before we moved on to our next contract. Unfortunately, everyone came down with different variations of the cold, sore throat, and cough. It was probably the worst parting gift we could have left my mom and dad. I think my mom is still recovering from hers after it turned to bronchitis. All in all, good times were had, memories were made, and we enjoyed every last minute.

Snow Day-5
Avie, my niece, and River’s partner in crime.
Snow Day-7
Papa getting in on the action.

Snow Day-8Snow Day-9

Snow Day-10
Eleya, also known as Asia’s bff.

Snow Day-11Snow Day-13

Snow Day-14
Ethan, Jake’s counterpart.

Snow Day2-3


River, collecting snow for packing around the bricks.


Jake, the brick maker.


Asia, the brick layer.
Ethan, the dog distracter.
When the snow is too deep for you to walk in, you bring it inside and play anyway!


Snow Day2-8Snow Day2-9

Snow Day2-11

Snow Day2-12Snow Day2-19

Snow Day2-18
Papa, checking out the kids’ igloo.

Snow Day2-14Snow Day2-22

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