Fun With Family

The last week in May, Erich’s parents and niece flew in from South Carolina to visit for a week. We hadn’t seen Nana Johnson since last summer in Wyoming and we hadn’t seen Papa Johnson or Jadyn for over 13 months, so we were all very excited when it worked out for them to come see us. We started the week out with a very cold, very windy day at the Grand Canyon. The next day was super stormy, so we stayed indoors while the skies darkened, the wind blew, and hail covered the ground. The next day we took them to see Monument Valley. Erich and Nana took Asia, Jake and Jadyn on a horseback riding tour while I drove through the valley in the truck with Papa, River and Micah. It was the second time we had seen it, but it was just as beautiful, maybe even more so with the valley floor covered in purple wildflowers. On the morning of the fourth day, Erich took his parents to see Antelope Canyon, which they thoroughly enjoyed. While they were gone, the kids and I headed to an adorable A-frame cabin just south of Flagstaff that we rented for our last three days together. They met us there later and the next day we headed to Sedona to explore a little. We did some 4x4ing to a hike that led to Devil’s Bridge. I understand if you judge us for letting the kids walk out on it, I’m still questioning my own sanity. In my defense, it was a lot wider than it looks in the picture. Nana and Papa watched the kids that evening while Erich and I went out for a much needed date. The next day the kids wanted to build forts under some overhanging rocks behind the cabin, so we had a chill day. After dinner, Erich and I took the kids on a fun hike in Oak Creek Canyon called the West Fork Trail. The trail is easy and crosses back and forth over a creek about 13 times, which equals tons of fun for all. Even though it was super easy, it is one of my favorite hikes. Actually, I remember doing it with my family when I was 16. And I remember doing the same thing, skipping the trail for awhile and just wading up the creek below the towering red canyon wall. We ended the night, and the week, with s’mores over the fire pit. Saying goodbye to family is never easy, but knowing that we will likely be in Greenville again in the next 3-6 months definitely made it easier. We love and miss you Nana and Papa and Jadyn!


Revisiting Monument Valley with Nana and Papa Johnson









Erich, Asia, Jadyn, Nana and Jake



West Fork Trail in Sedona, Arizona


Enjoying their cousin, Jadyn






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