Petrified Forest and Painted Desert

Towards the end of last month we had a few days off and decided to go see the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert. It wasn’t really on our bucket list, but after seeing some photos on Pinterest, I thought; “No way are those colors real, they must be using a filter.” But, I had to see for myself. We camped at the KOA in Flagstaff and woke up to snow the first morning. Thankfully, it was a bit warmer two hours east at the National Park. Windy and a bit stormy, but not freezing. We did a short hike in the Painted Desert at Blue Mesa. The biggest question my kids had was; “Why didn’t they call it Purple Mesa?” And, ironically, the colors were even more vibrant in real life! So strange to see the lines and layers in the land in so many different shades of purple. It was otherworldly. At the other end of the park was a short hike in and around a whole lot of petrified logs. They were unreal. I had no idea this park even existed! I don’t want to start any debates, but it is always a bit entertaining to hear the scientists’ explanation for these natural wonders when really, a massive flood makes the most sense of it all. God’s creation never ceases to amaze me, and we have only seen but a fraction of it all. The earth is so intriguing, a work of art that most definitely reflects the nature of the Artist. I can’t seem to get enough of either, and I have a feeling I never will.

Flagstaff - Petrified NP favesFlagstaff - Petrified NP faves-3Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-8

Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-12

Newspaper Rock, a place where ancestral Puebloan people left petroglyphs for those following, as a way of passing on news of events, migration routes, or clan symbols.

Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-13Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-16Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-17Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-18

Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-20

Fun on the giant pillow at the KOA.

Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-22Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-25Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-26Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-28Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-29Flagstaff - Petrified NP faves-30

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