Beartooth with Friends

In the beginning of August we went camping with some new friends. They also travel in a fifthwheeler and have two kids. We took our little rig and met them at the base of the Beartooth Mountains where we boondocked next to a river. The kids enjoyed having friends to play with They set up hammocks, built a pretty impressive shelter, made mushroom soup and Asia taught them about a few edible plants. Micah wasn’t as enthusiastic about the dandelion leaves as River was. We drove over Beartooth Pass, our dog Cooper got slapped in the face by the fattest chipmunk you’ve ever seen, and then we finished the day with a somewhat rainy hike to a waterfall just outside the NE entrance of Yellowstone. We spent a lot of our time just enjoying camping with friends. The kids made smores, the guys sat around the campfire, and my new friend Kim taught me some nighttime photography skills. That was super exciting for me since it was just the week before when we watched the meteor shower up the Bighorns and I didn’t know how to even catch a star with my camera. Camping is one of my favorite things, but camping with friends is even better! Thankful to meet new people to make us feel more at home.


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