Fun with Family

While apartment living offers us all a lot more space, it actually requires minimizing belongings even more than living in a fifth wheeler. We have to be able to fit all of our belongings in the bed of the truck and in the little camper when we switch contracts. So, we did a little purging and me and the kids made a trip to Washington to put a few more things in storage. We planned the trip so that Asia could join her cousin Eleya for her church’s junior high camp. While the oldest two were away at camp, which ironically, was in Montana, the younger kids had fun at a local farm, swimming at Nana and Papa’s, and playing with my parents’ new Golden Retriever pup, Barkley. After the girls returned from a super blessed week at camp, we celebrated Micah’s third birthday with a piñata, visited my Grandma on Camano Island, and enjoyed the cool summer days in Washington. I also got to enjoy a much needed girls night out with my sister and two of my cousins, full of good conversation and lots of laughter. Saying goodbye is always hard, but with our nomadic new life, it feels more like a “See you later” than a “Goodbye” anymore. So, we love you Washington family, and we will see you soon!

The cousins, minus one.
Fun at the farm.




faves-6birthday faves-3birthday faves-5birthday faves-8birthday faves-10

birthday faves-19
Eleya and Asia

birthday faves-20

birthday faves-24
Ethan and Jake



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