Summer in Montana

I haven’t been very good about blogging lately, but for memory’s sake, I am going to spend a few minutes … More

Balancing Act

Recently, Asia, who is thirteen, has stumbled into an ongoing political conversation with a friend of a friend of hers. … More

I Told Me So

Recently, a picture of President Trump arriving home after his rally in Oklahoma circulated online. It showed him disembarking Air … More

A Third Way

I have written and re-written my thoughts on the current situation in America several times now. Blogging helps me to … More

Remember That Time?

“Remember that time…?” I think those are three of my favorite words, especially coming out of the mouth of one … More

Isn’t It Ironic

Back in mid April, I heard some noises in the kitchen of the cabin late one night. I thought, “Uh … More

A Light is Dawning

It’s funny how life works out sometimes. We took this contract in West Virginia so we could be close to … More

Oh, Deer.

It has been almost two weeks since we said goodbye to friends and family in Greenville, SC and headed North … More

Intersecting Orbits

I don’t know if our life on the road accentuates it, but lately I have been noticing how people seem … More

Glacier National Park

On our way home from Washington, the kids and I met Erich at Glacier National Park. Most of us had … More

Fun with Family

While apartment living offers us all a lot more space, it actually requires minimizing belongings even more than living in … More

Beartooth with Friends

In the beginning of August we went camping with some new friends. They also travel in a fifthwheeler and have … More